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UPDATED: August 6, 2017

Our teams in the 10 team competitions completed their final rounds today.

Well done to our O35 Div 3 (O45) and O35 Div 4 teams for winning the League Championship.

A special call out to our AA Men Div 11 team who also secured the League Championship today with a 2-0 win over second place. The team, coached by Phil Crowe has been together for the past 7 years since u15/16 and has has some hard seasons as they moved into the AA Men divisions. There couldn’t be a more deserving team and more so a GPFC coach to claim their maiden League Championship.  Well done Crowie and all the lads on a stellar and ‘undefeated’ season.

Congratulations all our League Champions who finished first in their respective age groups/division competitions and also to a number of our teams who finished as League Runner-Up.

Junior League Champions

U12 Boys Division 1

U13 Boys Division 3

U14 Boys Division 2

U15 Boys Division 2

U16 Boys Division 1

U16 Girls Division 1

Junior League Runners-up

U13 Boys Division 1

U15 Boys Division 1

U15 Boys Division 3

Senior League Champions

Intermediate Mens Division 1 (U18)

AA Men Division 2

AA Men Division 11

O35 Men Division 3 (O45)

O35 Men Division 4

Senior League Runners-Up

AA Men Division 5