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BBQ Roster

The BBQ rosters for the 2017 season are below.

The Saturday roster will primarily be supported by all U8 and U9 teams.  Some Sunday teams have also been assigned to fill the gaps. A minimum of THREE people are required at all times (1 to cook BBQ and 2 to serve from BBQ)

Please note that as the full years draw for U8 and U9 has not yet been published, the Saturday roster will be subject to change if your team has been drawn away on the weekend you have been rostered.

The Sunday roster is a combined BBQ and Canteen roster due to much less number of teams in action on Sundays. All junior competition teams that play on Saturdays have been rostered for BBQ & Canteen Duty on Sunday so that the roster does not clash with their Saturday games. A minimum of FOUR people are required at all times (1 to cook BBQ / 1 to serve from BBQ and 2 to serve in canteen).

BBQ Roster – Saturdays v2

BBQ & Canteen Roster – Sundays