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UPDATED: June 13, 2019

We are over half way through the season and the colder weather has seemed to increase the tempers of a number of players, team officials and spectators alike from our competition and more sadly non-competition teams. The club has received over a dozen complaints or reports of bad behaviour the past 2 weeks. Many of other clubs are also dealing with a larger than normal number of issues this season.

All should take a moment to review their obligations under the various code of conduct for players, officials and spectators and ensure that even though you may have received a dubious call from the referee, or the opposition said something unwelcoming to you or your spectators, you decided to keep a cool head, ignore the rubbish, didn’t incite the situation into something far worse and just stuck to playing and watching football.

GPFC has zero tolerance towards poor behaviour and where required will investigate and if found guilty will issue lengthy suspensions to ensure all that play and watch football within the GPFC community are able to do so in a friendly and inclusive environment.

Please take a moment to re-acquaint yourself with the various codes of conduct via the link below

Codes of Conduct

Should any member have a concern regarding a matter involving yours or your child’s team, please do not hesitate to email club president Graham Moore and/or Competition Secretary John Liepa with your issue, providing your details and factual information so that the club can investigate. Facebook messages and/or non-identifiable emails (nameless) will not be actioned.