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Glenmore Park Football Club

Fundraising Chocolate Drive

UPDATED: May 3, 2021

For the 2022 season GPFC will be updating the player jerseys for all age groups. This comes at a significant cost, upwards of $100,000, and we need your help to make it happen!

To be able to do this, we are asking each GPFC family to sell 1 box of Cadbury Chocolates.

We are doing this in stages with U5-U7 able to start collecting from Saturday 8/5. We will have boxes available to collect each Saturday from the canteen.

Families can choose to collect the box and return the money when sold or make an upfront payment of $60, all money is to be returned to the canteen.

When the money is returned/paid up front, each family will get a ticket in a raffle for:

  • 1st Prize – 10kg block of Cadbury Chocolate
  • 2nd Prize – 4.5kg of Toblerone

Tickets for the raffle can also be purchased at the canteen, $2 each or 3 for $5. The raffle will be drawn on Saturday 17th July, half time of the Waratah’s main game.