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UPDATED: June 13, 2019

It has been evident over the last couple of weeks a reduced number of official NRG (Nepean Referee Group) referees have been assigned to Mulgoa Rise and we also suspect other grounds as well.

GPFC nor the NFA have control over referee allocation so please do not criticise the club or its volunteers if you do not get an official referee. Your club volunteers on committee duty are not obliged to act as unofficial referees as they are responsible for ground management on the day.

The club unfortunately does not have any recognised club referees to cover for competition matches at present.  Where no official referee is available, it is the responsibility of both the home and away team to source a suitable referee that both teams agree upon. Failure to agree a an unofficial referee does not mean your game will get replayed at a later date. If both teams cannot agree and the match isn’t played, it would be highly likely that the match is declared a no result! The club will endeavour to provide notification where matches have not been scheduled a referee by NRG via our clubs Facebook page.

For those who feel they are entitled to some sort of refund from their rego fees please be aware the referee fee component of your registration equates to approximately 5 or 6 games only, thus if you get anymore referees during the year, you are in front.

Please also be aware one of the main reasons for reduced referee numbers is the constant barrage of abuse suffered by them during games from players, team officials and spectators. So if you are one of these people who like to have running verbal battles with refs, criticise every decision or generally give them a hard time, maybe you need to check your behaviour and understand they are humans and volunteers. Next time you have an official or unofficial ref be grateful, accept their decision and just play the game. We all make mistakes, when playing and refereeing.  How would you feel if it was your child, your parent, your partner out in the middle copping unnecessary abuse for just keeping involved in the game we all love. Remember how you behave for the rest of this year will impact on the referee numbers for next season.

The club will be looking at implementing club ref strategy and will be looking for volunteers to assist as club referees (and receive payment) but remember if YOU are not willing to do it why should others.