Glenmore Park Football
Glenmore Park Football Club

Ground Duty Rosters

Each team will be required to assist the club for one day during the season with ground duty.

This involves helping to set-up (or pack-up) the grounds of sponsorship signs, bins and then during the day walking the fields to keep an eye out an ensure all matches are proceeding without incident, spectators are remaining behind the spectator lines on the sidelines, not behind the goals and also adhering to smoking and alcohol policy. Any issues are to be reported immediately to committee on duty who will deal with matters as necessary.

A minimum of TWO adults are required at all times to assist with ground duty.

GPFC Ground Duty Roster 2019 – SATURDAY

The Saturday ground duty roster is supported by all U8 and U9 teams.

GPFC Ground Duty Roster 2019 – SUNDAY

The Sunday ground duty roster is supported by all U10 and U11 teams, plus U14G Div 1 and Div 2 White