Glenmore Park Football Club

Mid Week Games

UPDATED: August 4, 2020

There are scheduled catch up games this week at Mulgoa Rise. The following days will have a field closed for games:

Tuesday: Field 2 – games at 6.15pm & 7.30pm
Wednesday: Field 1 – game at 7.30pm
Thursday: Field 1 – game at 7pm

For those who train on those fields we ask that you share a half field with another team, mindful that we can only have 20 people in each quarter of the field.

For those who don’t train on those fields, please make it easy for those impacted to have some space.

This will happen occasionally throughout the rest of the season, more often if we have weather impacted rounds.


UPDATED: July 20, 2020

NFA is offering parents and anyone involved in MiniRoos age groups, the opportunity to attend and learn the philosophy, game rules and game formats of MiniRoos football.

With around 5000 MiniRoos football players taking to the field each weekend throughout the NFA, there’s an army of weekend morning volunteers who take to the field to be the ‘referee’ or GAME LEADER.

Throughout this workshop you will be taken through game realistic scenarios to help you better understand the rules, implementation of the rules and most importantly, to ensure the players are involved and having fun.

Due to the weather, the Game Leader workshop is being POSTPONED until Monday 3rd August, 6-7pm at Mulgoa Rise Fields. This is a free workshop and the registration has been extended, please click here to register.

NFA are also running multiple MiniRoos coaching certificate courses, please check their website for the details.

Return to Play

UPDATED: July 2, 2020

These documents are available for all players, coaches, managers and spectators to understand what is required for us to return to play this coming weekend.

Return to play summary Level C

Return to Play Guidelines FNSW Level C

FNSW Training Attendance COVID-19

Some local housekeeping for the season:

  • First teams of the day MUST set up the field (all age groups). You are able to arrive a further 15mins to do this, but this is not extra warm up time, you must be setting up the fields.
  • Last team of the day MUST pack up the field (all age groups). If this doesn’t happen for set up and take down we will have to look at doing a ground duty roster.
  • Teams can arrive 30mins prior to their game starting. Once finished, swiftly move away from the field to allow the next game to start
  • NO SHARING of drink bottles, fruits or lollies. If you would like to have fruit at half time you must bring your own
  • The canteen will be closed this season and no BBQ available. Please ensure that you bring your filled drink bottle/s. There is a cafe across the road from the Mod Fields, Westend Cafe if you require refreshments
  • Jerseys are to be maintained by the player, they can be worn to and from the game but no where else. Jerseys are to be returned to the manager at the end of the season. Only registered players are to wear GPFC jerseys, any spare jerseys are to be kept with the kit and are the responsibility of the coach/manager.
  • Spectator numbers for GPFC grounds are 1 person per player
    • We have been able to reassess including the coach and manager in that number due to the small number of requests for exemption received.
    • Coaches and managers will not be counted in the spectator numbers and we appreciate the support from all members in making this possible.
  • When you are at an away game, please follow that clubs guidelines as they may differ from ours.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone back playing, please follow the Return to Play Guidelines Level C and have a great start to the season!


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