Match Sheets

UPDATED: April 20, 2023

All teams need to complete the electronic match sheets through Dribl for every game.

Steps to follow

  • Mark your players, coach and manager who will be at the game as available prior to the game, you can do a starting line-up, enter your goal keeper and record any players being borrowed.
  • Enter the marshall in the officials section, if there is a non-official referee/s they also are recorded there (cadet refs are the exception), if you have a relief coach/manager make sure they are entered.
  • Check the players with the other manager (not needed for U5-U7).
  • Confirm the other team
    • If the other team has a player arriving late, do not confirm until you have checked them when they arrive.
    • If it is your team that has a player arriving late, you submit your team, but unsubmit when they arrive add them in and then have them checked by the other manager who will confirm the team.
  • Enter the score at the end of the game, you should confirm what you are entering with the other manager to avoid any discrepancy. U5-U7 need to enter 0-0 and can do that at the beginning of the game.

If you need help with the team sheet, please see the quick videos Dribl has below or email


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