Wet Weather


GPFC ground status: our website will always note the status of our grounds. If they say closed then they are closed. Ground status will be assessed by 4:30pm each week day, and between 7:00am and 7:45am on weekends, when required, and status updated accordingly.  The status of grounds may change soon afterwards and at short notice, eg where it suddenly commences raining and/or a referee may deem them unsafe for play. The status will be updated on our website as soon as practically possible, and notices published on the clubs Facebook as necessary. We apologise in advance if you travel to our grounds and then find them to be closed.  That is the joys of outdoor winter sport!

For weekend matches, once ours or any away grounds are determined unsuitable for play and are closed, either as directed by council or club assessment, the NFA are immediately advised and the games, especially competition matches, are moved to available fields. Should no spare fields be available the matches are postponed.

Rescheduled matches/change of venues/times: If your match venue or time gets changed or postponed within the week or even the day before its original date, GPFC committee will contact the manager or coach of the team to confirm that you are aware of the change. Manager/coach are to then relay this to all player/parents. Please do not contact GPFC committee or other clubs committee or Nepean Football Association staff to ask if such and such field is open and if your game is on. If another club closes their grounds late, they will contact the NFA and our club direct and we will then contact the managers/coaches concerned. If you have not been contacted then always assume your game is proceeding.

NFA Competition system: when looking for where your game may be rescheduled due to a ground closure, if you game for that weekend is not shown this means it has been postponed due to insufficient grounds being available and not yet rescheduled for a future date.