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Training Allocations

Below are the training maps for both Mulgoa Rise and Blue Hills whilst we are training during the COVID-19 restrictions.

2020 Mulgoa Rise and Blue Hills training map COVID-19 V2 this map is for Blue Hills only as Mulgoa Rise has been updated on 02/07/2020 to include the MiniRoos, please see below.

Mulgoa Rise training map COVID-19 V3 the MiniRoos areas are in red, please stick to them when training.

Below are the training time and area allocations for each team:

U11-O45 Training Times 2020 COVID-19 (v5)

U8-U10 Training Times 2020 COVID-19 (V3)

U5-U7 Training Times (Weeknights) V4

Training Attendance Sheet:

FNSW Training Attendance COVID-19

Remember to email with the completed record of attendance within 24hrs of the training session, include the team name in the subject line. If there are any changes required or enquiries please email those through as well.


FNSW have updated the return to training guidelines, FNSW Return to Training – Level B with groups now able to have a maximum of 20 people.

FNSW Return to Training – Level B COACHES

FNSW Return to Training – Level B PLAYERS