Unofficial Referees

The following rules apply to the appointment of referees to a match. This is as per section 9.1 of the NFA Competition Regulations document.

a. All official referee appointments are made by the organizing committee.

b. If an appointed referee arrives after the designated kick-off time and the match has started using a substitute referee, the game shall proceed and the appointed referee shall not officiate for the game, nor shall they be entitled to any payment for the fixture.

c. A referee may not be replaced during the game for any reason other than an illness or an injury that prevents them from completing their duties. In the event of a referee being unable to complete their duties, it is the responsibility of the team officials to appoint a replacement referee for the remainder of the match.

i. In the event of such a replacement, the Team Sheet will be so marked with a notation and signed by the Club Official.

d. The referee shall commence the game as per the schedule provided by the Association.

e. In the event of a replacement referee not being available, the match will be declared abandoned and dealt with under the Grievance & Disputes Regulations.

f. In the event of an official referee not attending a match, the team managers, or captains, of both teams shall agree to appoint a referee to control the game.

g. The first preference shall be given to any accredited referee who is available and willing to officiate. The accredited referee may have (and should declare) an affiliation with one of the two clubs involved in the fixture, if an affiliation exists.

h. Unofficial referees, if appointed to a match, must be suitably attired, carry a whistle, a time keeping device and a set of cards for use in the match.

i. Host clubs are required to keep a set of red & yellow cards on hand for use by unofficial or un-appointed referees.

i. Unofficial referees must record all cautions and send-offs on the team sheet and provide incident reports in all cases where a player is dismissed from the field, using the Prescribed Form 02 to record send offs & Prescribed Form 03 to record an incident report.

j. No person that is currently under suspension from any football organisation, may referee a competition match as an official or unofficial referee.

k. The referee shall print their name on the team sheet and indicate whether they are official referee or an unofficial referee. Official referees are to write their FFA registration number in the space provided.

Information for Persons Acting as Unofficial Referees or Assistant Referees