Codes of Conduct

The below codes of conduct are to ensure the game is played in the correct spirit and the association and club is able to provide a safe environment for all involved without fear of harassment, discrimination, abuse or other types of unsatisfactory or unwanted behaviour.

By registering with the club or being the parent of a player under 18 who is registered with the club, you have agreed to abide by the Code of Conduct Policy. If not familiar with these documents I urge you to access the link below and read the applicable codes of conduct and be aware of your obligations and the penalties that may be enforced should you choose to breach the policy.

All need to be mindful and remember that:

– We do not play in the A-League or Premier League

– The Committee are all volunteers

– Our Coaches and Managers are volunteers

– Referees are human and will make mistakes

– Players should be encouraged and supported

  1. Code of Conduct for COACHES & MANAGERS
  2. Code of Conduct for PARENTS
  3. Code of Conduct for PLAYERS
  4. Code of Conduct for SPECTATORS

Please also refer to the Nepean Football Association NFA Code of Conduct Regulations and FFA National Code of Conduct