Code of Conduct – Coaches and Managers

Glenmore Park Football Club aims to provide a non threatening, safe, open friendly environment for people to play football regardless of gender, age, race or socio-economic background.

To achieve this our coaches/managers must behave in a suitable manner that includes the following:

  • Arrive promptly on time for training/matches or organise a suitable substitute.
  • Prepare in advance for training and games.
  • Present in a state free from intoxication of alcohol or drugs and not have drugs or alcohol at or near training or games.
  • Adhere to the NSW governments non-smoking policy at sporting grounds
  • Not misuse Football Club equipment.
  • Not misappropriate Football Club funds.
  • Respect the feelings of junior players and not demeanour their efforts.
  • Provide positive encouragement for all junior players.
  • Avoid language which could be taken as offensive, such as swearing, sexual innuendo, harassment and teasing.
  • Report to the management committee any acts of misconduct by players or supporters.
  • Ensure that each junior player (up to Under 16)  plays a minimum of  one and a half games in every three consecutive competition games, provided that the player has attended a regular weekly training session or has an acceptable reason for failing to attend training.
  • Field players from the team prior to requesting a player from a lower division or age group.
  • Ensure that areas used for training/warm up are safe and adequate.
  • Ensure all players wear appropriate safety equipment.
  • Ensure that all junior players have been collected from training sessions/games by their parent/guardian or gone home in a manner ‘age’ appropriate (push bike, walk if it is normal method) before leaving fields.
  • Avoid being alone with any one junior player.
  • Respect and protect the privacy of others, especially where changing of clothes is required.
  • If a player, (or anyone else) is seriously injured seek first aid treatment for the injured person. If the injury is of a type where the injured is unconscious, head injury or suspected broken bones or back/spinal injury, an ambulance is to be called immediately and the injured is not to be moved. (The advice of any trained first aider can be accepted and the care of the injured passed on to a trained first aider.)