Duty Rosters

The rosters for the 2023 season are below. All teams will have been allocated one or two duties across the season. Managers pleases make sure that you have the duty covered, coaches and managers are not expected to help out with duty.

Duty rosters updated on 16/3/2023 – teams are now listed by their grading from NFA.

Saturday BBQ Roster: Sunday teams are allocated, a minimum of 4 adults is required at all times

Saturday Ground Duty Roster: U5 – U8, a minimum of 2 adults are required at all times, all rounds are released

Sunday Ground Duty RosterU8 – U16, a minimum of 2 people are required at all times (page 2 of the PDF).

*U8 teams, please check both Saturday and Sunday rosters, some teams are allocated to Sunday whilst the majority will be on Saturday and the roster will be updated when the draw is released.