Ground Use Policy

Commitment Statement:

The Glenmore Park Football club is committed to ensuring that all members have a positive and enjoyable experience through all aspects of their membership with the club.

The broad outline of GPFC’s approach to use of grounds is to apply management and usage principles so as to ensure that grounds are maintained in the best possible condition so as to provide a safe and high quality playing surface. GPFC further acknowledges the conditions of use with Penrith City Council for playing fields and Penrith Council’s guiding principal that a field can only sustain an equivalent of 30 hours use per week under competition conditions.

Competition conditions are considered to be two teams playing a football match on a field and include the foot impressions of a referee and two assistant referees.  The goal areas at either end of the field are recognized as places of high volume foot impressions during a match and need special consideration.
Who is this policy for?

All club members, including parents of junior players, coaches, players are expected to actively support and comply with all relevant policies.

GPFC will limit the number of teams using its fields to a maximum of 8 teams per full size field that play in Sunday competitions and 14 teams per full size field that play in Saturday competitions.  This allows for 1 competition game per fortnight and 1 hour per week field use for training per team. Limits for modified fields will be 14 teams per modified field. Limits for Mini Fields will be 14 teams per mini field.

Training on Fields will be limited to occur on only 3 days per week at Ched Towns Reserve being Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. These fields will be closed to training on Monday and Friday. Coaching practices and techniques are to be implemented so as to minimize use of fields for drills and fitness training and to take advantage of surrounding areas for these activities.

The goal area on fields at Ched Towns Reserve are not to be used for training and where possible training goal posts are to be erected on verge areas to the east and west of the fields for shooting/goalkeeping training.

A stock of soil is to be provided to enable divots to be repaired as needed by GPFC.

GPFC will seek assurance from Penrith City Council in regard to regular watering of the grounds, maintenance of the watering system and mowing.

Prior to use on match days an inspection is to be made by the on duty committee person and the result documented on the report form. Prior to conducting training sessions Coaches should also conduct an inspection. (See report form for details of items checked).

GPFC will report any major defects as soon as practicable to Penrith City Council for rectification.

All litter including drink containers is to be placed in the bins provided. Bins are kept in the compound area next to the amenities building and will be distributed around the ground by the duty committee person with assistance from the first home team to use a field each match day. The bins are returned to compound area next to the amenities building at the conclusion of the last match on each field ground by the duty committee person with assistance from the last home team to use a field each match day. Teams are to take all steps as necessary to ensure that the grounds are kept litter free.

The area between the fields at Ched Towns Reserve is to be designated for use by match officials only whilst games are in progress on both fields. Match officials are designated as marshals, referees, assistant referees and Glenmore Park Football Club Committee Members. It should be noted that Marshal’s should be stationed with the spectators of their respective teams to effectively carry out their duties during a match.


Ratified at the Glenmore Park Football Club’s Committee meeting on 9th January, 2006.

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