Appeal Policy and Process

The Glenmore Park Football club is committed to ensuring that all members receive fair and equitable treatment in regard to all matters.

From time to time it is necessary for the Club by resolution of its Management Committee to hear complaints against and reports of improper conduct by any of the club’s players, coaches, managers, spectators or parents of players including but not limited to incidents/events associated with the conduct of soccer matches. The Club’s Management Committee is empowered to exonerate, suspend, fine or expel such members as it deems appropriate in relation to the matter. The Club Management Committee shall consider such matters within a period of 28 days from receipt of written advice of the incident/complaint.  The committee may cite such member/members to appear before it in relation to more serious matters giving 7 days notice in writing by the Secretary. Matters in relation to Red Card / Yellow card fines will be considered by the committee in the absence of the member provided that the matter has been previously dealt with by the appropriate judiciary processes of the body under whose auspice the match was played.

The Club’s Secretary shall cause written notice of such determination by the Club’s Management Committee to be sent to any member/members within 7 days of any such determination of such mater(s).

Any member fined, suspended or expelled by determination of the Club’s Management Committee has a right of appeal within a 28 day period following issue of the written notification by the Club’s Secretary. Any such appeal will be heard within 14 days of lodgement of the appeal in writing with the Club’s Secretary.

Upon receipt of the appeal a panel comprising a convenor, being other that the Club’s President, Secretary, or Treasurer and three or more independent persons drawn from among the coaches, managers or  senior players currently registered with the club.  The Convenor will not be entitled vote on the matter but is to ensure the proper conduct of proceedings. The appeal panel shall consider submissions presented before it and make a determination in relation to the matter. The decision of the appeal panel is final and no further appeal rights shall be available
Who is this policy for?

All club players, coaches, managers and parents of junior players, are expected to
actively support and comply with all relevant policies.

Ratified at the Glenmore Park Football Club Committee meeting on 7th November 2005.

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