Safe Club Sports Safety Policy

Commitment Statement:

The Glenmore Park Football club is committed to ensuring that all members have a positive and enjoyable experience through all aspects of their membership with the club. Sports safety and the prevention of injury to players are of paramount importance to Glenmore Park. The club is committed to developing, implementing and monitoring all reasonable and practical safety initiatives to manage any foreseeable risk of injury to club members.

Demonstration of commitment:

To fulfil this commitment, Glenmore Park Football Club will:

  • Appoint a Sports Safety Officer (or Convene a Sports Safety Committee) who/that will report regularly to the club executive.
  • Identify annual priorities (using risk management principles) for inclusion in a Sports Safety Action Plan.
  • Ratify an annual Sports Safety Action Plan for implementation.
  • Provide an adequate budget to ensure the successful implementation of the Sports Safety Action Plan.
  • Have sports safety as a standing item on all Committee meetings.
  • Conduct an annual review of the Sports Safety Action Plan and summarise the findings of the review in the Annual Report.

Why Glenmore Park are committed to safety:

Glenmore Park Football Club believes that a commitment to safety and injury prevention will have many benefits for the club including reduced injuries to players, improved on-field performance, improved club morale and greater potential for the recruitment of players and volunteers.

The core of the Glenmore Park Football Club Sports Safety plan is compliance with all relevant safety policies and procedures of the Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA), Football Federation Australia (FFA), Soccer NSW and the Nepean District Soccer Football Association.

Who is this policy for?

All club members, including parents of junior players, are expected to actively support and
comply with all relevant policies.

Ratified at the Glenmore Park Football Club Committee meeting on 1st August 2005.

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